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November, 2001            

Turntable Blueprints Complete,
1 Year Left To Finish The Project 

   After months of fitz and spurts, the main plans for the installation of the turntable have not only been finished but approved by the City of Fillmore. Secondary plans for landscape, electrical, and drains still need completion.  But, the grant administrator will now request bids to create construction drawings so that the overall installation project can go out to bid.
   Time is of the essence because the turntable installation project must be completed by December 2002 or the Society forfeits over $200,000 in grant money.  It is estimated that once the multiple subcontractor bids are awarded, it will take four months to complete construction. Hold on for a wild ride!

Halloween Was A Challenge!

According to President Paul Haase, "we made the pumpkin patch work but it took the Boy Scout Troop plus all the help we could gather together".   Member volunteers were 'sooooo scarce' that the Society hired Scouts to lend a helping hand.   Despite that, we managed to net $4,503. (counting the $500 given to the Scouts) in pumpkin, soda and t-shirt sales.   Trains were packed with kids and adults alike.  Most trains carried over 430 passengers.  Our Car At

THINK ABOUT IT -- about saving on your income taxes and boosting your railroad society at the same time.  According to Joe Kern Esq., SCRVRHS Treasurer, you can do both with the last great tax break left in the Internal Revenue Code.  A Charitable Remainder Trust will let you collect the earnings of your contributed property as long as both you and your spouse live.  You get an immediate deduction from your taxable income for the value of your gift to the Society, and can still live on its earnings.  This works especially well if you donate property that has a low tax basis, or is non-productive, or both!  Your attorney or accountant will have
all the details for you, or you can call the office of 'our' attorney, Joseph P.D. Kern Esq. at (805) 524-1919 or fax him at (805) 524-1201.

tendants were a big factor in the safety of all those aboard.  And if you were lucky enough to be there on that last weekend, you may have seen a few celebrities in the crowd such as Adrienne Barbaux from the TV series 'Maude' and the movie 'Swap Thing' as well as Scott Bakula: 'Sam' from the TV show 'Quantum Leap' and the new 'Star Trek' captain.  Young and old, everybody had fun!

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