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July, 2001            

Fourth of July Events
A Big Success Over All

FILLMORE-- Although four different events taxed the capabilities of the Society's people-power, we again managed to pull off our biggest fund raising events of the year.
While Car Attendants assisted the F&W, the fireworks stand was going strong all week.  The car show produced 300 street rods and custom cars lining downtown with 125 other cars having to be turned away due to lack of space.  The car show 50-50 raffle alone gained $500 for the Society.  Finally, the Regional Chili Cook-Off was so popular, that ticket sales stopped at 2:30 pm because the booths were running out of chili.  There were live bands, food booths galore and  just a little rain to keep everybody humble (and the car show participants scrambling)!   

JEFF TRIMBLE-- our unofficial chief historian for the lot of 'Embassy' sleeper cars produced for the Union Pacific and other railroads, found the one car that was unaccounted for, #1212.  The sister to our #1205, the #1212 showed up on the Mexican railroad system still in Amtrak colors. Notice the tell-tail mini windows for the open berths on the left.  Only the Embassy's had those in that location.  Where this car is currently and under what color scheme is unknown.  The number 1212 marker is still in place so if you see the car cruising around, let Jeff know.

"Happy Rails To You In 2002" Chosen As Rail Festival Theme

    Taking on a distinctive Roy Rogers and Dale Evens kind of tone, the Fillmore Spring Festival 2002 theme was chosen from several suggestions by the Board of Directors.  Combining railroading with our ever present  collection of cowboys (who keep robbing the same bank every year) should make this a fun event. 
   2002 is also the 100th birthday of the Sespe Creek railroad bridge.  Plans are to give the bridge a little birthday celebration of its own during the Festival.  The dates of the Festival are slated for the weekend of March 23 & 24, 2002.
   Preliminary plans are to reserve the Fillmore Senior Center for various model railroad displays.  If you have other ideas for the Festival, tell us!  We'd love to hear from you.

On the 4th of July, the Fillmore & Western debuted its newly repainted Also S6 switch engine all decked out in its new Southern Pacific style orange and black tiger stripping.  Sporting the Fillmore & Western name, and retaining its original number--1059, the engine pulled four, one hour scenic trains during the Sespe Creek Regional Chili Cook-off and Car Show.  Thanks to George Roberts and other Car Attendants who helped out with on-board passenger safety during the crowded event.   

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